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If you don't know exactly what to do and how to do it, you're exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. You need to educate yourself properly! Private Mentorship will take your trading to the next level, filling in the gaps and showing you a whole new take on day trading that actually works.
Private Mentorship is eight weeks of live training with Day Trade to Win's John Paul. During the eight weeks, you are taught over 11 unique price action strategies for the E-mini and other futures as well as currencies. Instruction focuses on live chart demonstration, recognizing profitable setups and the exact rules to place successful trades. All software is included with lifetime licenses. All electronic books are also included. Each training session is recorded and available for playback on the Day Trade to Win website. Private Mentorship is the most comprehensive and beneficial day trading course in existence.
There is no guarantee of specific results or performance. Results are hypothetical and may not be indicative of every experience. Historical or simulated data may differ from live data. Broker fees and slippage occur in live trading environments.
Included with Private Mentorship
Eight weeks of personal training with DTTW founder John Paul
Atlas Line® with lifetime software license
The Roadmap Trade
Power Price Action (Blueprint Method)
At the Open (ATO) Course with lifetime software license
Trade Scalper Course with lifetime software license
Price Action Scalping Course with lifetime software license
Floor Traders Secrets Manual (X-5 Method)
Best Times of the Day to Trade (ABC Pattern)
How to Filter Trades
How to Trade the News
How to Set Up Your Charts Properly
How Market Manipulation Works
Many more price action techniques
Video recordings provided for each class
Continued support and video access after completing the Program
Two lesson types are available: individual, 1-on-1 training or group lessons.
Individual Mentorship
Scheduled around your availability
Two lessons per week, 1 hour each
See John's charts
Talk with John Paul using Skype
Instruction is at your own pace
Group Mentorship
On a set, weekly schedule; new sessions start monthly
Two lessons per week, 1 hour each
See John's charts
Communicate with John using the chat room
Less expensive than Individual Mentorship
Contact us to see how Private Mentorship can improve your results
Private Mentorship is neither a mass-produced program nor a trading room. Instruction of each method goes far beyond what is normally included in the course documents. You are able to ask questions and receive immediate responses as John Paul shares his live charts with you. You will learn to trade by taking into account price patterns, time of day, risk management and clearly defined rules. Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to tackle the markets for a lifetime!

Here's a Breakdown of the Courses:

Week 1
John Paul live coaching – two classes, an hour each
At the Open – On the first week, you'll take a look at the ATO method and how you can use it to find big moves that occur soon after the market opens. You'll learn the price patterns and exact rules for finding entries and exits (profit target, stop loss, etc.). The Chase the Trade technique is taught, which will help you take hold of the markets when they're more volatile than usual. The included ATO software gives you entry signals on your NinjaTrader charts.
Week 2
John Paul live coaching – two classes, an hour each
Price Action Scalping – Week two brings you a powerful scalping method that utilizes E-mini S& P tick charts. Instead of following trends, this method works by teaching you how to find and counter them. Very specific price action rules are taught that show you how to get in early before the moves. The Price Action Scalping software is included that helps you identify key levels.
Blueprint – taught in the Power Price Action course as the main strategy, the Blueprint is entirely price action based. It's one of the most versatile strategies John Paul teaches. It works with nearly any market across many different types of charts. You're taught exact entry rules including stop loss and profit target conditions. It's not what you expect – traditional candlestick interpretations and indicators do not compare. If you're tired of using indicators, this method is for you.
Week 3
John Paul live coaching – two classes, an hour each
The Trade Scalper – If you've seen our videos, then you've probably seen how effective this scalping method is. By using 1-min charts, you will be able to identify breakout opportunities all day long. Futures, stocks, and other markets are supported. You're taught all of the rules and you receive the Trade Scalper software for NinjaTrader. The software plots entry signals on your chart telling you exactly when to place a trade. There are two types of setups taught, and of course, the exact rules of managing each trade.
Week 4
John Paul live coaching – two classes, an hour each
Roadmap – Every trader needs to know this strategy, as it's one of the most important trade setups and indicators of volatility that you'll learn. In fact, this method can be used to filter out and override all of the other trading methods. If you understand how manipulation works, you will know how you can take advantage of specific price levels known to be related to manipulation. There's no need to hide from the big moves – you will learn how to anticipate them in advance. The included Roadmap software outlines each level to watch out for. It's time for you to become one of the select few who know how it works.
Week 5
John Paul live coaching – two classes, an hour each
Atlas Line ® – You've seen it in our trading videos, now it's time to get hands-on experience. The Atlas Line ® tells you the exact price to enter. You're taught where to place your profit targets, stops, and how to manage each trade. You'll see when a trade is about to occur when two candles close on either side of the line. The Strength and Pullback signals provide additional entries. Use it with the other strategies to confirm market direction. You get a Lifetime License, just like all of our other courses.
Week 6
John Paul live coaching – two classes, an hour each
X-5 – also called the Floor Trader Secrets Manual, this strategy was once commonly used by traders on the floors of the world's exchanges to manipulate the markets. Now, these professional traders use a variation of this method in the offices near the exchanges. It's your turn to learn what they know. Have manipulation work for you instead of against you.
Week 7
John Paul live coaching – a one-hour class
Trading the News, Trailing Stops, ABC Method & Review – Have news events damaged your trading in the past? Learn exactly how to counteract the volatile activity they cause. With trailing stops, you'll learn how to "lock in" any gains to reduce the risk of each trade. Trailing stops correctly can be difficult – knowing the correct conditions and preventing an early stop loss is key. You'll get a handle on how all of the strategies fit together here.
Week 8
John Paul live coaching – a one-hour class
Testing, Practice & Review – The final week where everything you've learned becomes one consolidated plan you'll use every day. The remaining pieces are put into place. We look at filtering, risk management, and objective trading vs. subjective temptations. The goal is making sure you can trade independently and successfully. Let's realize that goal together.
After the Eight-Weeks
What comes next? – You will be able to continue accessing the courses, software, and recorded videos to help your trading. If you have any questions, you can email them to John Paul directly via our support email address. Future software updates are included.

You've Come This Far – Take the Final Step

Taking Mentorship can take years off the steep learning curve of day trading. Also, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars by providing a daily plan for the markets. Our students have ranged from stay-at-home parents, to retirees, to PhDs that want full-time or supplementary income. We look at charts objectively using price action. That means you're trading based on what you see. If candles appear on a chart is a specific sequence, without question, you KNOW there is a trade. Once you're in, follow John Paul's simple rules for the profit target and stop loss. Throughout the eight weeks, you'll learn a variety of strategies that fit together. A Roadmap trade can be used to filter or validate an Atlas Line signals. The Atlas Line can determine market direction to guide Trade Scalper trades. This is just one small example.
What if you're brand new to trading? We provide all the tools you need for a simulated, practice environment. NinjaTrader, our preferred platform is free to use for simulated trading. A purchased license is only required when a trader is ready to place real-money trades. We typically recommend waiting to trade live until the eight weeks of training are over. After that, you still may want to practice a couple of weeks to make sure that you understand the strategies. NinjaTrader allows you to connect to real-time, simulated data feeds. This is very useful because it's as close as you can get to live trading without the risk. You are able to see the E-mini and other popular futures markets in real-time.
The support team can assist you with the installation of NinjaTrader and the included indicators. While the licensing and installation process is not difficult, we can ensure that each indicator is producing the correct signals. This way, when you attend the next live training, your chart will match up. The team can also help with setting up a template and workspace, allowing you to retrieve the chart settings if ever needed.
The Mentorship testimonials from other traders often describe John Paul as being a great teacher; wanting his students to learn and understand every concept. The approach is realistic, including risk assessment and understanding the side-costs of trading. Students have taking trading courses from other vendors and have found our methods to be far better. The instructions is broken down into simple elements. Review is a part of the training.
The best way to enroll is to use the form above. We will contact you and provide the next step. Generally, we have new Group classes every month. An Individual, one-on-one class can begin at any time, providing John Paul's schedule is compatible with your own. Your deposit will get you the first week's course to use right away. We provide a discount for payment in full. Wit payment in full, we can provide all the materials up front. You'll be able to start learning multiple methods right away, like the At the Open, Price Action Scalping, and the Trade Scalper.
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