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A Detailed Look at the Coaching Experience

How long is the Mentorship Program?
The program is eight weeks in length, with additional training provided as needed to graduates.
How many times per week are the training sessions?
For Individual and Group Mentorship, the lessons are always one hour in duration, twice a week.
What is the difference between the Individual and Group options?
Individual is one-on-one training. You are able to set your own schedule and instruction is more at your own pace. You are able to converse directly with John Paul using your headset/microphone/Skype. Group training usually accommodates a class size under eight. Class meets on a set schedule; usually twice a week at an hour and a half each. You are able to type questions and statements directly to John Paul. A new group session usually begins every month, although it's best to contact us. The Group and Individual Programs are identical in terms of material and what's included. Group Mentorship is less expensive than Individual.
What are the lessons like?
Over the eight week period, John Paul shares his charts and reviews daily market activity to fully demonstrate each price action technique. The syllabus agreement explains what will be taught each week. Each lesson allows for open communication and review of prior material. Students are encouraged to watch recorded sessions to further their understanding. Each week builds upon previous training. By the end of eight weeks, students should have a full mental blueprint of how to handle any type of trading day on the E-mini and other markets.
Is there follow-up support after completing the eight weeks of training?
Yes, students can contact John Paul directly with any questions and arrange a time to review market activity. Lifetime software support is also included. Continued access to the recorded videos is also provided.
What software is included?
Atlas Line® software (lifetime license)
ATO Software (lifetime license)
Trade Scalper Software (lifetime license)
Price Action Scalping Software (lifetime license)
ABC Software (lifetime license)
News Software (lifetime license)
RoadMap Software (lifetime license)
NinjaTrader trial with live data
What courses are included?
Trade Scalper
Price Action Scalping
Floor Trader's Secrets Manual
...These and many other methods (such as the Blueprint Trade, Roadmap Trade, Trading the News, etc.) are taught live in greater detail than in the standard documents.
How many points on average are the profit targets?
This differs based on the method in use, although profit targets are generally two points on each trade. Scalping profit targets are three ticks per trade.
How many trades per day can I expect?
Again, this differs based on the methods used. For example, the Atlas Line® alone can produce anywhere from one to over eight trades in a single morning. We avoid overtrading markets and only place trades that have a high probability of success – the more you trade, the greater the risk.
Are there any extra fees beyond the cost of the program?
No – everything is included. There are no recurring payments, subscriptions or hidden fees. If you want to trade live, you will need to have access to a broker and trading software for placing live trades.
Do you offer any payment plans?
Yes, please contact us using the form to the upper right to discuss payment options.
Will I be able to trade on my own after the eight weeks?
Yes, you will be able to trade independently and confidently using clear and concise rules.
Must I have a broker, a live account or prior experience to participate?
None of these are required. However, upon request we can provide you with a live data feed for use with the free version of NinjaTrader. This will allow you to "paper trade" the markets using real, live data. Private Mentorship is just as relevant to an experienced trader as it is to a novice.
Does the education involve conventional indicators, Market Profile, Japanese candlestick interpretation or other commonly known methods?
No, only methods developed and thoroughly tested by John Paul through years of day trading are taught. All course material is proprietary – it simply cannot be found anywhere else!
What kind of guarantee do you offer?
There are no guarantees of performance or results. Legally, we cannot provide such guarantees. Also, substantial financial losses may occur when trading, so use caution. Day Trade to Win's Private Mentorship guarantee is that you will be able to trade the E-mini S&P successfully using the methods taught in the program. At the end of training, you will be given a solid foundation to successfully trade for years to come.
What kind of risks are there in trading?
Day trading is not a "get rich quick" scheme. Risk is a part of any trading, regardless of what a website or salesperson may tell you. It's possible to both make and lose substantial amounts of money. Long term, it can be much more difficult to make money because of the market's unpredictable nature. DayTradeToWin's educational programs provide education to help traders better understand risk as well as techniques to reduce the consequences of poor trading. Part of the training involves simulated, hypothetical results. Knowing this, only trade with money you can afford to part with. By practicing, you can avoid silly mistakes and decrease the learning curve. Also, take the time to speak with a licensed broker so they can help you understand the financial requirements, fees, margins, and consequences (both good and bad) of trading. Remember, no trading method can guarantee profits, including DayTradeToWin.
I have a question that was not answered. How can I contact you?
Please email your questions to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Are there other educators besides John Paul?
You are getting instruction directly from John Paul. This ensures you are receiving the instruction “from the master” as was intended. Our support team assists with installation and general questions related to the platform. When it comes to the strategies themselves, risk management, and performance, John Paul is the source.
How can I practice?
We recommend using the NinjaTrader platform because it provides a live, simulated trading environment at no cost. You can apply to get a free data feed that will power your charts with futures data. You will be able to see the E-mini and other popular futures markets in real-time. NinjaTrader's Account Performance tab displays the results of your simulated trades, including net profit and loss. Upon enrollment, our support team can assist and set up the practice environment. Also, NinjaTrader has a Market Replay feature. This allows you to replay market data from the past as though it's live. This is useful for traders who cannot be in front of the computer during ideal trading hours.
How can I communicate with John Paul?
In Individual Program, you can speak with him directly on Skype. In Group, you type your questions into the live room. With both options, you can send emails with your trading questions. John Paul answers all emails and communication related to the application and results of the trading methods. After the eight weeks, you can continue to email in your trading questions.
Do you offer any sort of affiliate program?
If you have taken the Mentorship Program and would like to help others improve their trading, use the form on this page to contact us. We'll send you information.
What are some other costs for day trading?
You only have to purchase a NinjaTrader license when you're ready to trade with real money. For most traders, this is a couple weeks to a month after Mentorship. Also, for each trade, you will have to pay your broker a commission. This “round-turn” commission rate is around $4.30 per contract, per trade. It differs among brokers. With NinjaTrader Brokerage, the most popular broker for NinjaTrader, you pay a smaller commission if you have a Lifetime NinjaTrader license. A leased license is slightly more expensive. Finally, when you're ready to trade with real money, you will need to deposit funds you're your brokerage account. There may be other small fees associated with maintaining your account.
Can I speak with a student who has undergone the training?
We treat our student's information confidentially. In some cases, we may be able to contact a student on your behalf who is willing to share his or her experiences.
What makes Mentorship different from other courses?
We do not use complex math, astrology, or advanced indicators for finding and managing trades. Time and time again, feedback from our students has told us that what we teach is different from anything else out there. Each strategy we teach is unique, yet they all fit together to form a comprehensive plan.
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