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Day Trade to Win provides everything you need to know to successfully day trade E-mini S&P futures contracts. From A to Z, every course, software package and book is written with beginners in mind, even though traders of all skills levels benefit from price action trading. There's a difference between trading blindly and knowing the "how" and "why" behind each choice you make trading. Abandon the indicators, guessing, black box systems, and trading rooms. Private Mentorship goes beyond everything written in the courses, providing a solid foundation for daily income trading on the E-mini and other markets. The goal of Private Mentorship is to become a consistently profitable independent trader who is capable of handling a wide range of random day to day market activity. See for yourself the difference trading price can make!

John Paul, founder of Day Trade to Win and creator of all its day trading methods, has been a professional futures and currency trader for over 15 years. He got his start in the pits, learning from fellow floor traders who taught him the secrets of using price and time. These techniques, reinvented and improved by John for online trading, define his style of price action trading. Day Trade to Win courses emphasize the importance of using a chart's price and time, including candlestick pattern recognition, to determine every aspect of the trade. Each day trading course uses objective rules, pinpointing the exact profit targets, stop loss settings, and other key placements. Price action trading is transparent in nature, requiring these two basic elements in addition to a fast, real-time data feed. All day trading videos show Day Trade to Win's preferred day trading platform, NinjaTrader. Ninja allows automatic execution of strategies, low cost broker fees, integration with many data feeds, simulated live data paper trading, and a variety of powerful analytical tools. John also teaches the importance of trading conservatively, acknowledging common pitfalls of trading – particularly, over-trading. By staying objective and trading within the rules of each course, traders leave behind the emotional games and focus on consistent profits, targeting a minimum of two points on the E-mini daily (most of the time, much more).

Students of Day Trade to Win frequently produce testimonials without being asked as thanks for the quality education they have received. This is in part due to the value of the material and the support team behind Day Trade to Win. All day trading courses are meant to compliment one another. This is the main reason why Private Mentorship is so effective. Students who purchase a single course (say, the Atlas Line®) often purchase to other systems, such as the Trade Scalper. Getting familiar with one method before moving on the the next, knowing full well that the move is progressive, provides the trader with confidence that the next purchase further expands the range of profit potential.
The most recent enhancement to the way we do things at Day Trade to Win is video recording. Each product includes live training and a login to access the recorded session. After you've completed training, you can log in to view these recorded sessions at your leisure. Reinforcing material at a later date is an essential part of the learning process. As we've found, students are less likely to pick up a book to refresh as compared to watching a video for an hour that perfectly captures questions asked in the demonstration room. If you are unable to attend training at a specific day, a training video can also be provided.
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