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With your deposit, you will receive the first week's course and software (the At the Open) to study and use in advance!

Trade the E-mini with Consistent Results

11 total unique price action trading methods taught in the full Mentorship Program
Eight weeks of live training conducted by John Paul will reduce your risk and maximize your results
This all-inclusive, personalized coaching program provides you with all of our courses and software and free support

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Results can vary – no guarantee of specific results or performance. Testimonials many not be indicative of every experience.
Marcus T. became a
consistent trader
Josh L. learned futures
very quickly
Frank D. mentorship
progress update
Nick A. recommends DTTW
over other coaches
Tony B. explains his
trading goals
Oscar G. one year later
follow-up impressions
Alan P. trades the CL
and YM markets
Babak A. takes trading
Nick J. day trading
course testimonial
Ken T. E-mini S&P
trading success
Sandy C. trading philosophy
and results
Heather W. can now read
the markets
Ron K. nets profits trading
the E-Mini S&P
Alan C. makes money
before noon
Najam R. discovered price
action trading
Frank D. gives first
trading impressions
Oscar G. discusses
Private Mentorship
Nick O. recommends
Day Trade to Win
Sifiso M. uses Atlas
Line for profits

What is Mentorship?

• Eight week educational coaching program for trading futures and currencies
• Learn to trade markets for daily success in just eight weeks
• Two different types of Mentorship available: Group and Individual (one-on-one)
• With Group and Individual, same material and instruction is offered
• Individual Mentorship uses Skype and is based around your unique schedule
• Group Mentorship is you and about six other traders meeting as scheduled; new Group classes begin monthly
• John Paul conducts each class live in webinar format – see his charts, ask questions, follow along
• All courses and software are included with lifetime licenses – save big over purchasing each course separately
• All training sessions are recorded. Play back recordings whenever you want, even after training is over
• Free live data for practicing trading during and after the eight weeks until you're ready to open a live account
• Free email support included for before, during, and after eight weeks
• Free remote support is included for installing our software and NinjaTrader

What Methods, Courses, and Software Are Included and Taught?

• ATO (At the Open) course and software
• Price Action Scalping course and software
• The Trade Scalper course and software
• X-5 Course (used with Price Action Scalping Multilines software)
• Atlas Line® software
• Roadmap software
• Blueprint method (Power Price Action main method)
• ABC method
• Stair Step Method
• Yo-Yo Method
• News Trading Strategy
• Market manipulation strategies
• Filtering strategies
• Putting it all together for a consistent, daily plan
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